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PSM-500LT L-Band Satellite Terminal for VSAT/SCPC

Quick FEC & Feature Matrix (PDF download)

The PSM-500LT Satellite Terminal is the newest addition to the M500 Series of modems. This terminal is based on the popular PSM-500L modem, but supports an integrated 24Vdc or 48Vdc power supply for small and medium size BUC applications. The PSM-500LT maintains all the latest features and options of the M500 series while providing reliable power to both BUC and LNB, and a high stability 10 MHz reference, all in a self contained 1 RU chassis that is only 13 inches deep.

The PSM-500LT uses all of Datum Systems proprietary design implementations to achieve the best performance and reliability in the industry. Reliability is achieved by smartly using the latest FPGA devices to reduce part counts and very efficient high quality power supplies. These supplies have high MTBF figures and lower operating temperatures than the competition uses today. Datum Systems understands the need for highly reliable modems, especially in very remote locations where it is both difficult and expensive to reach. In situations where redundancy is required, the PSM-500LT comes standard with a built in 1:1 redundancy feature that only requires a few combiner/dividers. The modem takes care of switching the BUC/LNB power and the High Stability 10 MHz Reference. This L-Band modem terminal has it all.

PSM-500LT Datasheet (PDF) PSM-500LT Manual (PDF) PSM-500LT Linked Tech Notes PSM-500LT Downloads

Key Benefits

Designed for Performance and Reliability
Internal BUC Power Supply Options (24Vdc or 48Vdc)
High Stability 10 MHz Reference
Data rates of 1.2 kbps to 29.52 MHz
Low Cost High Performance Turbo Products Codes
Super Performance LDPC
Firmware Upgradeable to 8PSK/TCM, 8QAM and 16QAM Modulation modes
Performance within 0.3 dB of Theoretical
Bridge or Router Ethernet IP Interface
DSP for fast acquisition of 315 ms at 9.6 kbps QPSK, 71 ms at 64 kbps QPSK
Asynchronous Overhead Channel, AUPC and Remote Modem Control
Built-in 1:1 Redundancy